You LOVE Big Breasts. You NEED this Manual.

How We Got Started

Several years ago, Victoria accused Ivan LeCasque of having unbelievable good luck in getting the women in his previous relationships to enhance their breasts. He laughed, saying, "It's not luck! It's all in how to talk about it." 

Intrigued, Victoria -- who had already increased her breast size slightly since meeting Ivan -- quizzed him. What did he mean? When she heard how he went about it, she realized he had a strategy and a process that he followed. She said, "You should write a book!" 

"I was just kidding around when I said that," she says. "I was very surprised when he mentioned one day, I wrote the book." The first edition was about 60 pages. 

Ivan put the book on a website,, and forgot about it. When he checked the email a month later, he was stunned to find customers demanding the e-book they had paid for! "Where is my book? I need it tonight!!" 

Ivan started filling the orders from Australia to the US to Russia, and the Manual was gradually upgraded over the years as readers gave their input and Victoria's breasts grew and grew. Today the Manual is over 110 pages and shows Victoria's influence in many areas. Marriages have been saved by The Convince Her Manual, and new careers in acting and modeling have been launched. And many men are much, much happier.