You LOVE Big Breasts. You NEED this Manual.

Let's Keep This Between You and Us

Some things are like birthday surprise parties; they just work much better when the star of the event doesn't know what's coming. That is true of your Breast Quest, and we recognize that keeping the Convince Her Manual confidential is important. 

We will NEVER, and we in the past we did not ever release or sell the identities or email addresses of our customers nor those who write to us for information. 

Dislike providing your physical address? We dislike making you provide it. 

Unfortunately this online store software, provided by GoDaddy, requires your street address. For the ultimate in anonymity, just send a PayPal payment of $17 direct to us at  We will send the Manual via email to the address indicated. Send a confirming email to just to be sure we don't miss it. This doesn't give you standard PayPal buyer guarantees, but we'll make sure you get your Manual and you reveal nothing but your email. 

If you are concerned about conducting your Bigger Breast campaign discreetly, we get it! That's why no physical book is delivered; instead, you tell us which email to send it you and it arrives as an inconspicuous file with a low-key subject line. 

We are also now writing an introduction called, "If you just found this..." aimed at the wife or girlfriend, just in case she opens your computer and finds The Manual. It explains that you are doing this because you want to take the relationship to a new and exciting level, and that the ONLY busty woman you want to have a wild affair with is HER. In fact, we suggest she play along: just act like she knows nothing of what is happening and enjoy the ride. So far, this new feature has not been put to the test.