You LOVE Big Breasts. You NEED this Manual.

Why Does the Manual Work? 

First came failure. Then came experimentation, and then success. And then came the Manual. It's based on a lot of thinking and observation about what works in couples and what doesn't work. 

The Convince Her Manual is salesmanship, and it helps you sell the idea of being a couple where fulfilling each other's fantasies is a bright, positive thing. It is based on the idea that what most of us have to start is the baseline of a relationship, and we can ADD to that. In this case, what you can work on adding is the intoxicating possibility of your wife or girlfriend ALSO being your living fantasy, and living on a higher level of excitement. 

And, along the way, Victoria added a woman's touch to the book, and many readers added their own wisdom and experiences. The fundamental idea has never changed -- if YOU have what you want, you can give back more, and you can make life more exciting and richer for you BOTH.